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The beginning of our story

Wine Hill is the ideal name for the picturesque Zagorje region, for green vineyards saturated with hills scattered around, and for numerous historical and traditional tales. This is what composes the richness of our area, which is continuously growing and expanding throughout the years.  This is a story of Vinagora, a small place not far from the town of Pregrada. The history of Vinagora is related to the history of Counts Ratkay and Veliki Tabor Castle – Vingrad.  This is the birthplace of our Wine Hill vacation house, which welcomes you in this charming ambiance, surrounded by vineyards and beautiful views of the Zagorje hills.


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The area of our hostel and holiday house, apart from the beautiful nature, is well known for its tradition and preserved cultural heritage of castles, chateaus, and sacral buildings. Almost every hill has at least one enchanting building.  Nearby, on both sides of the border, there are several thermal springs of therapeutic water, which have become the sources of fun and relaxation. Download the map and flyer of the Tourist Board Visit Kumrovec, Desinić, Zagorska Sela and start the adventure “Through Blue Orchards.”



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Adresa Put Petra Hohnjeca 4, 49216 Desinić